Please send all Grant Applications by post to PO Box 184, Hamilton 3240 or courier C/o Maxserv, 15 King Street, Hamilton 3240 .

If you have recently sent an application to the address noted in the application form, please forward a copy to either one of the addresses above.

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About Us

The Pegasus Sports Foundation has funds available to be distributed for authorised purposes.  A grant application form can be obtained by downloading the form from our website.  Please post all completed grant application forms and supporting documents by the 5th of each month, to The Pegasus Sports Foundation, PO Box 184, Hamilton 3240.

All grant applications are considered in accordance with The Pegasus Sports Foundation’s grants policy and authorised purpose statement.  Both of these documents are published on this website.

Complaints can be made to The Pegasus Sports Foundation’s Managing Director by writing to the Trust.  The Trust will aim to respond to all complaints within 15 working days.

Complaints about the conduct of The Pegasus Sports Foundation may also be made to the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs at:  PO Box 10-095, Wellington.